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Designer Spotlight: Milo Baughman


It's not a stretch to call Milo Baughman (1923-2003) the master of the modern lounge chair.  One of the first things to know about him is that his name is pronounced M-EYE-low BAWF-man. He was born in Kansas but moved with his family to California at age 13, at which time his parents entrusted him with the interior design of their new home! He studied product and architectural design in Los Angeles and founded his first design firm there in the late '40s. But it was a 1953 partnership struck between Baughman and furniture maker Thayer Coggin that would propel the careers of both men to their zenith. "Thayer and Milo got their start together," says Dot Coggin, Thayer’s wife and company spokeswoman. "Milo came here when the company was in its organizational stage. Thayer was looking for a designer and their relationship began with a handshake agreement." That handshake would cement a 50-year collaboration that would produce dozens of iconic furniture pieces, including the 951, 989, 955 and Scoop chairs. Cocoon Furnishings is proud to include these Milo Baughman designs by Thayer Coggin, and many more in its collection.

While Baughman designs have been continuously produced by Thayer Coggin since 1953, they have enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years thanks to the design world's warm embrace of all things mid-century modern. Many credit the trend to the TV show Mad Men, but its popularity has firmly outlasted the show's 8-year run. Designers as diverse as Nate Berkus, Wendy Labrum and Elena Frampton turn to Milo Baughman designs to inject instant sex appeal into rooms. Baughman often depended on flat bar steel structure to give his seating strength and airiness. Ample padding and expert construction means there is no compromise on comfort. Here's a peek at some gorgeous spaces featuring Baughman designs made by Thayer Coggin.