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Get the Look: Breezy Cottage Dining Room

design: Burnham Design. photo: Tria Giovan.  s ource 

design: Burnham Design. photo: Tria Giovan. source 

You needn't have a waterside home to want a little of the casual elegance we always associate with that way of life. But if you do have one and you are thinking of a few updates, now is the time to place your orders so that all your favourite pieces will be delivered in time for fair weather fun. California designer Betsy Burnham of Burnham Design pulled together this look for a West Coast showhome, but it would work well in almost any locale. Dining chairs with fitted linen slipcovers invite lingering over meals for a crowd or a fun night of board games. The natural fabric and stripes keep the look casual, while the skirted design adds a note of formality and helps define the space in lieu of an area carpet. An X-base trestle table recalls farmhouse design and allows diners to pull up close without encountering inconveniently placed table legs. A linear lantern ensures the full length of the table is properly lit. The unfussy see-through design doesn't impede views within the open-concept space or out to the wide expanse of patio doors. Finally, this quick and easy idea for styling an off-duty dining table is definitely worth stealing. Just pop a lush plant into an attractive bowl or cachepot and dress any exposed soil with moss. The plant is easy to whisk away when it's time to set the table.


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